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OC Pepper Pouch

$25.00 / Sold Out

The JOX OC Pepper Pouch offers users a secure, effective way of carrying an otherwise bulky item by orienting the OC can horizontally above the belt. The cylindrical opening of this .08" kydex pouch is slightly smaller in diameter than the OC can it's designed to hold, which results in excellent retention and easy release when needed.

I make pouches for the popular can sizes seen below:
MK–3 can diameter: 1–1/2"
MK–2 can diameter: 1–3/8"
MK–8 can diameter: 7/8"

Please note: The following FOX Labs cans, according to their website, are all 1–3/8" diameter: 1.5oz, 1.7oz, and 2oz (MK–2). All of FOX Lab's 3oz cans, with one exception, are 1–1/2" diameter (MK–3)

Please double check the diameter of you can before you order

Lead Time for your order - As of January, 2020, please expect a lead time of at least SIX WEEKS from the time payment is received to the time your order ships. Every pouch is crafted by hand and I am trying to get orders fulfilled as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your patience!

JOX Loader Pouches offers a 10% discount (before shipping) to active or retired military or law enforcement personnel. Prior to ordering, please email a copy of your credentials to [email protected]. Within 24—36 hours of sending your credentials, you will be emailed your custom discount code to use when ordering.
Acceptable forms of MIL/LEO verification below:

• A copy of your department issued business card.
• A copy of your department letterhead, your name and contact number.
• A copy of your military or LEO identification card (active or retired) with all sensitive information blacked out.