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Belt Spacer

$5.00 / Sold Out

This spacer sits in-between two pouches to ensure that there's enough space between pouches to allow the user's fingers to grab their speedloader. This spacer is not needed when using two or more pouches designed for the Jetloader, Comp III, Speed Beez, and SL Variant speedloaders.

NOTE: Edges will be finished by wet-sanding with 180 grit sandpaper and will not be polished like the edges in the photo.

JOX Loader Pouches offers a 10% discount (before shipping) to active or retired military or law enforcement personnel. Prior to ordering, please email a copy of your credentials to [email protected]. Within 24—36 hours of sending your credentials, you will be emailed your custom discount code to use when ordering.
Acceptable forms of MIL/LEO verification below:

• A copy of your department issued business card.
• A copy of your department letterhead, your name and contact number.
• A copy of your military or LEO identification card (active or retired) with all sensitive information blacked out.